Transitions lenses–the photoreactive technology that darkens your eyeglass lenses in sunlight–still carry the stigma of being strictly for the elderly and deeply unhip. But could they be the next piece of geekwear to make the leap into style?

Fashion expert Tim Gunn is a long time glasses wearer, and prefers glasses to contacts. His eye doctor recommended that he wear sunglasses outdoors due to his macular degeneration – but swapping out regular glasses for prescription glasses was a pain. Transitions technology seemed like the optimal solution – but then there is the fashion implications.

The key to Gunn – which may seem obvious – is to start with a style of frames that works equally well as sunglasses and regular glasses. With the right frames, “I’d like to think I’m always cool!”

You can read more about Gunn’s perspective on transitions in the following article:

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