Media Eye Works is the exclusive provider of Roger Bacon eyewear on the East Coast! Media Eye Works at Mielcarek continually strives to add new brands and styles that customers will love and Roger Bacon will be no exception!

Who is Roger Bacon?
Roger Bacon has developed the world’s first made-to-measure, custom eyewear collection. Each frame is individually crafted and completely exclusive to each patient.

How does it work?
To start, a 360-degree Biometric 3D scan of the patient’s head is taken. Using the advanced data we create accurate and precise measurements of the temple, pantoscopic tilt and bridge pieces. Once the scan is complete, customers will be able to virtually try on any Roger Bacon frame. After the customer works with the Optician to decide which frame works best for their style, a 3D printer is used to create the one-of-a-kind frame with the patient’s explicit measurements.  Your new Roger Bacon frame perfectly fits you and only you.

Who is a candidate for Roger Bacon Biometric Fit Eyewear?
Anyone!  This innovative and revolutionary technology is perfect for anyone who has trouble finding a pair of glasses that fit well.   Because of its state of the art technology these frames are also great for  “first adopters” and those individuals who like to set trends.

Fitting issues that Roger Bacon frames at Media Eye Works can address:

  • Your glasses always slip down your nose
  • Your head is too wide to find a comfortable pair
  • The temples (side arm pieces) of your glasses are too short or too long
  • Temples are too tight around your ears
  • Glasses always sit crooked on your face
  • Frame doesn’t properly stay on your nose

I want a pair: What do I do now?
First you’ll need to stop in to Media Eye Works for your complimentary 360 Degree Biometric scan.  Once the scan is complete, we will take about 3-5 minutes to composite the scan.  Once your Three Dimensional rendering is complete we will work with you to find the shape that fits you best, suits your style, and feels comfortable.  We will then work together to choose the color of the frame the complements your skin tone and sense of style.  Once this is completed we will discuss how you use your eyes and choose the lenses that will offer you the clearest, most comfortable vision.   Then…your scan and information is sent to the printers and the custom fabrication of your frames will be underway!

Style Options:
Roger Bacon offers more then 20 designs of unique and stylish frames that are tailored to each customer’s desire. Frames are offered in ten distinct colors and three lens sizes. With over 40 total styles, we know you’ll find something that you will love!

Key Features:

  • 3D-Printed
  • Custom made for each patient
  • Light weight
  • 20 original frame shapes

To learn more about Roger Bacon, stop by Media Eye Works and for your free Biometric Fitting Scan!