Myth:  All eyeglass frames are made by one company – “I saw it on that 60 Minutes segment!”

Fact:  There are hundreds of different, separate companies that make the eyeglass frames that are sold in independent optical shops.   Yes, Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut, and Pearl Vision are owned by the same company that makes Rayban, Persol, Chanel, and Oakley, among others. When you buy your glasses at one of those stores, you are getting their very limited selection.  Any article that talks about an “optical monopoly” and “why are glasses so expensive” are only talking about the chain opticals, not independent optical shops.  Luxottica also own Eyemed Vision Insurance, so the chains get to triple-dip in profits – that’s how they can afford those expensive TV commercials.  Independent opticians like Media Eye Works, Ltd. have access to more than 300 different brands to source their frames.  This equates to lots of benefits to you, the consumer: 

  1.  Localized fashion options.  Some corporate executive sitting in Manhattan is not picking your glasses for you as is the case at Lenscrafters or VisionWorks.  The owners and opticians at Media Eye Works hand select each frame style to display in their shop.  Since they live amongst you in the community, they are aware of the local needs and styles of their neighbors – you!  That means you get fashion forward frames that are still accessible to the local flavors and trends.
  2. Many price points!  Independent opticians can offer frames for as little as $49 – up to $400 and beyond – because we work with dozens of different frame companies.   This benefits you because you can find a pair of glasses that fits within most budgets. 
  3. Media Eye Works brings in specialty frame brands that the chains just can’t have, such as:

•TC Charton – the first dedicated Asian Fit eyewear brand created by Alexandra Peng.

•Ovvo – a family-owned titanium frame company from Poland that sources NASA technology materials for their frames.

•Woow –a French design group that creates simple yet colorful styles that have a subtle sophistication.

•New 3D-printing technology brand Roger Bacon.

While we also carry well-known brands like Ray Ban, Jimmy Choo and Kate Spade, we also carry those unique personalized brands that you may not have heard of, but you will enjoy wearing. 

  • We don’t spend a lot of money on advertising like the chains do so we don’t have to inflate our prices to make that money back.   We believe in quality, stylish frames at a great value.  More money for you!
  • Our opticians visit international expos each year to stay on top of all the eyewear trends. They bring back styles, materials, and eyewear technology that these big chains just don’t have access to.

In conclusion: variety, style, great value, and personalized service are guaranteed when you shop at Media Eye Works Optical.