What Sets Media Eye Works Apart?

Since Media Eye Works was founded over 25 years ago, we have focused on being a world-class family optical shop that is grounded in the Media, Pennsylvania and Delaware County Community.  Our eyewear shop was conceived from the combined insights of one of the area’s preeminent ophthalmologic surgeons along with the vision of an extraordinary surgical nurse with an entrepreneurial soul.

We are global in our lens and eyewear sophistication, but local in focus.

Our professional network and long-standing relationships enable us to offer our customers any advances in lens technologies or eyeglass frames available anywhere in the world today.  At the same time, we continue to be able to singularly focus specifically on our local area without distraction. We are your neighbors and are personally invested in what happens here, where we all live.  We love being able to serve our community from our family to yours.

Media Theatre for the Performing Arts

We are constantly on the lookout for new frame styles.

We stay on top of what’s new in eyeglass frames as they are released throughout the year. Every frame that we carry is hand selected, and we try them out with respect to comfort, style and durability. Each year we also participate in the International Vision Expo in New York City. Frame designers from all over the world display and present their new designs for us to review on an ongoing basis. We see all the brands, styles and trends before everyone else does, and we bring them back to Media, PA for you wear.

Gucci Eyeglasses

We have access to every kind of lens available in the world.

We do our homework and know what innovations are “real science” and what claims are nothing but promotional gimmickry. But if there is a lens feature that suits a particular customer available anywhere in the world, we are setup to get it. We get to know you and your daily eye habits so we can match you with the perfect lens for your eyes. Each person is different and we tailor make each pair of glasses.

Zeiss Lenses

We are meticulous about our service.

We spend the time needed with each and every customer, and make your eyeglass shopping a highly personalized experience. We know with so many options that it can be confusing – we’ll explain it all to you in a very simple way. And when we take measurements, we do it in a very precise way, which will help insure the eyeglasses that we craft for you fit you like a glove. Some people rank choosing a new pair of glasses as fun as wrangling a snake or doing your taxes. We are here to guide you and take the anxiety out of picking out glasses. We understand which shapes, colors, and styles go well with each face shape and personality, so you can be confident you will choose a great pair of glasses!

Eyeglass Measurement

We are obsessive about constantly mastering new innovations.

The world of eyeglasses and lenses is constantly changing and evolving. We take great pride in staying current in every new industry innovation and offering. We are continually attending seminars and meeting with innovative doctors to learn what’s new in the global optometry market. Our obsessive focus on honing our expertise is focused on one goal – to help ensure that we find the best pair of eyeglasses and lenses that works for you during your visit.

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