Mielcarek’s Reorganization

The Media Eye Works &
Facial Rejuvenation at Mielcarek Story

Media Eye Works and Facial Rejuvenation at Mielcarek have grown from seeds planted over the last 30 years.

For more than three decades, Eileen Mielcarek led an ophthalmology practice in Media with her husband, Dr. Lee Mielcarek. Within that practice they had a facial aesthetics practice and an eyeglass shop.

With the passing of Lee, the ophthalmology practice was sold – and Eileen is now singularly focused on leading the facial aesthetics practice – which she rebranded, Facial Rejuvenation at Mielcarek.

The eyeglass shop also carries on. One of the reasons that our eyeglass shop has developed such a strong reputation is in no small part due to the technical expertise of Lacey, Eileen’s daughter – which Lacey honed over the last decade working with her father. Lacey now runs Media Eye Works on her own accord and remains located at the Mielcarek Center.

We've Updated Our Websites!

  • MielcarekEyeCenter.com
  • MielcarekEyeAssociates.com
  • LifetimeVision.com
  • … have been retired.

This MediaEyeWorks.com Website covers everything about Media Eye Works that was on those former websites.