Eyeglass Lenses


Selecting eyeglass frames that perfectly suit your style and sensibilities can be a tough challenge, but we are very good at helping you do just that at Media Eye Works. However, a more important decision will be your selection of eyeglass lenses and coatings – that will determine how well your eyeglasses will serve you in the ways that you live your life.  We’ll also walk you though those options in person when you visit us.

The pace of new breakthroughs in eyeglass lens technology is ongoing and constant. The staff at Media Eye Works is continually researching and learning about new innovations in lenses and using that knowledge to help our customers get the best possible lens solution for their eyeglasses. When you visit us, we’ll explain it all in simple terms. But if you’d like to learn a bit yourself beforehand, click on any of the topics to the left for individual overviews of current key innovations in the eyeglass lens industry – all of which are available to you at Media Eye Works.  We also can fit you with basic lenses also, but it is always good to know your options.