High Definition Lenses

Your current prescription eyeglasses may correct you to 20/20 vision, but you may feel that you still aren’t seeing as sharply as you could. This is often due to the optical limitations of conventional lenses.  Even if your prescription eyeglasses fully correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism, conventional lenses can only do so much.  We were the first optical in the area to incorporate HD lenses, so we’ve been through it all.  Our staff are geeks when it comes to the science of HD lenses and we know what it takes to be successful at prescribing HD technology.

The answer is a new generation of high-definition eyeglass lenses that can correct high-order aberrations in your eyes as well as move beyond the limitations of conventional lenses.  In fact, high-definition lenses can potentially give you sharper vision than you’ve ever had before with eyeglasses. These lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all lighting conditions and reduce glare for nighttime driving and other night vision tasks.

Many brands of high-definition eyeglass lenses currently are available, including high-definition versions of high-index lenses and progressive lenses.

The most popular type of high-definition eyeglass lenses is called free-form lenses. The term “free-form” refers to an advanced manufacturing process that reduces higher-order aberrations such as spherical aberration that occur in eyeglass lenses created with traditional eyeglass lens manufacturing tools and processes.

With free-form lenses (also called digital high-definition lenses), the fabrication of the lenses from wearer’s eyeglass prescription is optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional tools.

There are also many other variations of high-definition eyeglass lenses available.  The good news is that the team at Media Eye Works has done all the work to know the options that are available and can match you with a high-definition lens solution that will work best for you.