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I just wanted to say how much I love the Blutech lenses (that Lacey recommended). I wore them at work yesterday for the first time and had no headaches at all. I never know if a headache will turn into a migraine so I am happy to have these lenses, I’m going to wear them everyday!



- A.B.

The digital lenses are so much better. There’s the clarity, the precise focus for “my eyes”, the glare reduction… I could go on and on. There was absolutely no dizziness like I had with regular progressive lenses! There is no comparison.


- Carol

I just want you to know that my vision is much better with the high definition glasses. I am not straining to see like I was before. Also, your staff was very kind and gracious to help me afford the more expensive lens. I really appreciate your care and the care of your staff.



- Julie

I love this place. I love fun eyeglasses and Media Eye Works never disappoints. I trust Lacey to give me a straight answer on what glasses work for me. So convenient. Expert fitting. And Eileen always lends her positive energy to the experience. I’m a bit addicted.



- Ann

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Eyeglasses Trending as Men’s Power Accessory

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