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Free Biometric Fitting Scan and $50 off all Roger Bacon 3D Frames

I want a pair of custom made, biometrically fitted, 3D printed eyewear: What do I do now?

First you’ll need to stop in to Media Eye Works for your complimentary 360 Degree Biometric scan. 

Once the scan is complete, we will take about 3-5 minutes to composite the scan.  With the completion of this three-dimensional rendering, we will work with you to find the shape that fits you best, suits your style, and feels comfortable.

We will then work together to choose the color of the frame the complements your skin tone and sense of style. 

Once this is completed we will discuss how you use your eyes and choose the lenses that will offer you the clearest, most comfortable vision.  

Then…your scan and information is sent to the printers and the custom fabrication of your frames will be underway!


All Jimmy Choo Eyewear is 20% OFF!  That is typically a savings of over $50!  Plus, you get stunning and gorgeous glasses that will make everyone envious. 


Don’t forget to ask us about our multiple pair discount. Because you don’t wear one pair of shoes each day, you shouldn’t have to wear only one pair of glasses each day.  We can customize glasses for each of your daily visual tasks.