Who Is Roger Bacon?

Are you looking for unique frames that will fit your individual style?! Our newest line, Roger Bacon, provides one-of-a-kind frames that tailors to each individual personality and face shape.

Roger Bacon is the newest innovation of made-to-measure eyewear. The frames are created using precise measurements of the pantoscopic tilt, temple and bridge pieces which are taken by a 3D Biometric Scan through the custom Roger Bacon app.

Once the scan is complete, patients will be able to virtually try on any pair of Roger Bacon frames! Each frame is offered in three lens sizes and ten colors, with over 30 unique designs to choose from, we know you’ll fall in love with Roger Bacon too!

How to Try on and Order Roger Bacon Frames:

Step 1:  Head to Media Eye Works to receive your free 3D biometric scan and learn more about Roger Bacon technology. We are one of only 15 opticals in the United States that can fit and dispense Roger Bacon custom Eyewear!

Step 2:  Using the advanced data acquired during the 360 degree scan we create a three dimensional, completely accurate 3D model of your face. Once the scan is complete, we beam it up to the LCD Roger Bacon display where you will be able to virtually try on any Roger Bacon frame. Don’t worry, this seems like a large task. Our opticians guide you every step of the way and will walk you through the styles, sizes, and shapes that are best suited for your face and individual sense of style. (Even if your sense of style is “I have no style”)

Step 3:  After you fall in a love with a frame shape and design we will decide together what color looks best with your complexion.

Step 4:  Once the final frame is chosen we will send your precise measurements off to the printers!

Step 5:  This is the hardest step – waiting patiently while your frame is tailor made to you and your face only! The printers will work with your scan and the prescription information provided by the opticians to create your one-of-a-kind frame. This takes about four weeks to complete.

Step 6:  Everyone’s favorite step – getting the text from Media Eye Works saying your Roger Bacon frames are ready for you!

Step 7:  Pick up your frames from Media Eye Works and impress everyone around you with your new custom glasses! You’ll notice the pick up is a breeze since the frames have already been molded to your features while being fabricated.

Step 8:  Accept that promotion, meet the love of your life, win that Powerball Lottery, go on that bucketlist European vacation, build the house of your dreams – all because you look fierce and feel confident in your Media Eye Works customized Roger Bacon Frames. (okay, that may not exactly be what happens, but it sure feel like you’re on top of the world with all the compliments you receive from your new glasses)

Who is a candidate for Roger Bacon Biometric Fit Eyewear?

Anyone! This innovative and revolutionary technology is perfect for anyone who has trouble finding a pair of glasses that fit well. Because of its state of the art technology these frames are also great for “first adopters” and those individuals who like to set trends.

Fitting issues that Roger Bacon frames at Media Eye Works can address:

  • Your glasses always slip down your nose
  • Your head is too wide to find a comfortable pair
  • The temples (side arm pieces) of your glasses are too short or too long
  • Temples are too tight around your ears
  • Glasses always sit crooked on your face
  • Frame doesn’t properly stay on your nose
  • The bridge of your nose is wide and glasses fit to ‘high up’
  • The bridge of your nose is wider and flatter and glasses never stay up, or there are gaps on the nose pieces.
  • You like your glasses to fit as tight as possible and the optician can never adjust them tight enough for you
  • And many more….

Click here to see some of the stylish and modern frame designs available for you from Roger Bacon.

Who is Roger Bacon?

Roger Bacon is a 13th century philosopher, scientist, and thinker. The Roger Bacon eyewear was named after him because he was an integral part of designing the original scientific method we still use today. (You remember sixth grade: make a hypothesis, test that hypothesis, draw conclusions – Basically that strategy that keeps us alive, allows us to innovate new technology, and generally exist in life outside of the dark ages.) Roger Bacon Eyewear is so innovative and revolutionary that the creators needed a name that fit those same qualities. Roger Bacon (the man) was also instrumental in reviving the Medieval Universities and including optics into the curriculum. He is considered a father of optics for his work on anatomy of the eye and brain, light, distance, size, and position – all mathematics we take into consideration when your custom made Roger Bacon frame is being mapped out and created with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.